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Image by National Cancer Institute


CAR T Cells: Eliminating Residual Tumor Cells

CAR T cell treatment is changing the fate of many patients who have to deal with recurring cancer. According to the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Chimeric Antigen Receptor(CAR) T Cell therapy may help to increase the efficacy of the surgery of a solid tumor. 

Jasmine Biju - January 15, 2022


Can swarming insects generate as much electricity as a storm cloud?

A group of researchers has concluded that swarming insects contribute to variations in atmospheric electricity, in relation to the density of the swarm.

Jasmine Biju - January 14, 2022

Image by Damien TUPINIER


The Superdense Coding Protocol

The superdense coding protocol illustrates the principle of quantum communication grounded on the idea of the ability of providing a resource, independent of later usage, before the decision of the action is made. Furthermore, through its allowance of communicating more bits of information using a lesser number of qubits, an increase in the information capacity of a link can be observed.

Nicola Stanisławska - December 21, 2022

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