Tardigrades- Animals Full of Surprises

Thought to have the ability to survive global mass extinction, tardigrades are one of the most indestructable creatures on the planet. Extreme radiation exposure, unsurvivable temperature or starvation is nothing but a breeze for a tardigrade. Can we implement these fascinating survival skills into humans? Can these creatures survive exposure to outer space itself?…





Pyrocystis Lunula: the future of bioluminescence? 


Have you ever heard of bioluminesnce? It is the emission of light by living organisms and has been a topic of discussion since the times of Aristotle, Shakespeare and Darwin. Bioluminesnce is a characteriss of a wide range of organisms, from fish to jellyfish to fungi, example being Pyrcostytis Lunula. 

Maria Rutkowska - November 5, 2022

Confirmation Bias



Peter Wason, an English psychologist, coined the term "confirmation bias" which he defined as the propensity for people to prefer information that supports or confirms their ideas or values while entirely omitting and/or rejecting information that contradicts those beliefs. Other labels for it include "cherry-picking" and just insisting on going to the lengths necessary to win a debate.

Vedant Kumar - November 5, 2022


Tiny Thread of Tomorrow


Nanobiotechnology is an emerging frontier for scientific knowledge. From food sciences to agriculture and to clinical treatment, this new field is crucial for multiple areas of innovation. Do you ever wonder about these tiny wonders? Read on to find out the importance of nanobiotechnology - the tiny thread of tomorrow.

Carlos Manuel C. Eusoya- October 19, 2022


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INSTAGRAM- @Innovationhub.world


Innovation Hub is a youth-led science and technology magazine and platform founded in September 2021 by Nicola Stanisławska, a high school student from Poland. It provides the opportunity for high school students to become authors and publish articles about topics that pique their inetrests, such as novel technologies, famous scientists or scientific discoveries. Since its commencement it has developed into a proimiant science community with members from diverse countries and backgrounds, such as Poland, Turkey, UK, USA, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Peru and more.  

Innovation Hub is aimed at providing high school students worldwide with the opportunity to publish their scientific research and work online, developing their passion for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Innovation Hub Podcast

The Innovation Hub Podcast is Innovation Hubs newest extension initiative created by Nicola Stanisławska, Maria Rutkowska and Julia Wojas. The podcast is aimed at making science more exiting, assesible and relevant to students worldwide through discussing different discoveries and novel technologies relevant to current world situations, through creating episodes interviewing scientists and specialist. Follow us on instagram on @innovationhub.podcast or on Spotify- Innovation Hub Podcast and stay tuned for upcoming episodes. 

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