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Biannual Issues

At Innovation Hub, beyond publishing articles on our website, we also stive to curate a collective issue of the very best our talented author community has to offer. Biannually, our team comes together to release a compact magazine issue - a testament to the passion of our members.

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About Innovation Hub

What's our mission?

Innovation Hub is not just an ordinary science and technology magazine - it's non-profit platform led entirely by youth. Began in 2021 by Nicola Stanisławska, a high school student from Poland, it aims at providing a platform for students worldwide to publish articles on various scientific topics. Whether it's exploring the newest technologies, uncovering groundbreaking scientific discoveries or explaining intricate scientific mechanisms, Innovation Hub offers a free space for young minds to express their interests, develop their passions and reach a greater audience.

Since 2021, our magazine has substantially expanded both its community and audience. We are currently an extremely diverse community of authors of various backgrounds and interests, spreading far beyond Poland, welcoming aspiring scientists from countries such as Turkey, the UK, the USA, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Peru, and many more.  We have also celebrated several key milestones, including the sponsorship of our most recent issue by Samsung!

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