Why do we experience intense fluctuations of emotion and rapid change in our emotional state? Does our diet, stress, weather, use of substance, issues in sleep schedule, trauma or other factors affect why we feel this way? Learn about what mood swings are and the reason behind them in this insight into the inner workings of our psyche.

Mood Swings




Tardigrades- Animals Full of Surprises



Thought to have the ability to survive global mass extinction, tardigrades are one of the most indestructable creatures on the planet. Extreme radiation exposure, unsurvivable temperature or starvation is nothing but a breeze for a tardigrade. Can we implement these fascinating survival skills into humans? Can these creatures survive exposure to outer space itself?…

Maya Komar-Fletcher- September 26, 2022


The Potentially Immortal Turritopsis Dohrnii: the secret to living forever


Humans have for ages been fascinated by the idea of prolonging one’s life and the concept of eternal existence and immortality. It might just be that the answer to those fantasies can be found right in our oceans, where a tiny, inconspicuous creature lives, that might help us to understand what it takes to live forever.

Julia Wojas- October 2, 2022


ADHD in Children


ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder in children. Boys are more likely to have it than girls. It’s usually spotted during elementary school time when a child begins to have problems paying attention. But what is it, what are its symptoms and how is it treated?

Meltem Safarli- September 26, 2022


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Innovation Hub is a youth-led science and technology magazine and platform founded in September 2021 by two high school students- Nicola Stanisławska and Maria Rutkowska. It provides the opportunity for high school students to become authors and publish articles about topics that pique their inetrests, such as novel technologies, famous scientists or scientific discoveries. Since its commencement it has developed into a proimiant science community with members from diverse countries and backgrounds, such as Poland, Turkey, UK, USA, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Peru and more.  

Innovation Hub is aimed at providing high school students worldwide with the opportunity to publish their scientific research and work online, developing their passion for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Innovation Hub Podcast

The Innovation Hub Podcast is Innovation Hubs newest extension initiative created by Nicola Stanisławska, Maria Rutkowska and Julia Wojas. The podcast is aimed at making science more exiting, assesible and relevant to students worldwide through discussing different discoveries and novel technologies relevant to current world situations, through creating episodes interviewing scientists and specialist. Follow us on instagram on @innovationhub.podcast or on Spotify- Innovation Hub Podcast and stay tuned for upcoming episodes. 

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