Have you ever wondered what it sounds like on Mars? For the past 50 years, space probes and rovers sent to the planet have captured countless of Mars but only heard the same consistent silence, similar to the sound of the vacuum of space. However, new sound measure devices installed on the NASA Perseverance Mars rover have recently succeeded in recording over 5 hours' worth of Martian winds for the first time ever.  

What does it sound like on Mars?





Dangers of Stroke During Cardiovascular Open Heart Surgery and Preventive Precautions

Open Heart Surgery is a high risk procedure that involves cutting open the cardio to fix the issues within it.  Complications of the surgery can result in permanent disabilities if not proceeded carefully. One of the most dangerous complications after cardiac surgery is the possibility of stroke. This is a symptom that can cause brain death and paralyzation of the body for the remainder of the individuals lifetime. However, this devastating complication can be prevented if careful precautions are taken. To prevent stroke from occurring during cardiovascular open heart surgery, cardiologists can tighten control of blood pressure and monitor blood flow to the brain during surgery.

The scope of neuroplasticity on neuropsychiatric disorders

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Contrary to what was once popular belief, our daily experiences largely impact our neural network and brain structure, even through adulthood. Although our genes are responsible for a “first draft” of the brain, this is frequently revised and edited throughout our lives by the experiences we have. This brings us to the topic of neuroplasticity...

Shreya Shiju- May 11, 2022


Sustainable packaging of dairy products


An insight into the environmental impact of the packaging of dairy products and potential ways in which environmental aspects and characteristics can be integrated into its design and development.

Ioanna Tzanavari- May 5, 2021

Jamie Lin- August 8, 2022


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Innovation Hub Podcast

The Innovation Hub Podcast is Innovation Hubs newest extension initiative created by Nicola Stanisławska, Maria Rutkowska and Julia Wojas. The podcast is aimed at making science more exiting, assesible and relevant to students worldwide through discussing different discoveries and novel technologies relevant to current world situations, through creating episodes interviewing scientists and specialist. Follow us on instagram on @innovationhub.podcast or on Spotify- Innovation Hub Podcast and stay tuned for upcoming episodes. 

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