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About Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub is a youth-led science and technology magazine and platform founded in September 2021 by Nicola Stanisławska, a high school student from Poland. It provides the opportunity for high school students to become authors and publish articles about topics that pique their interests, such as novel technologies, famous scientists or scientific discoveries. Since its commencement it has developed into a proimiant science community with members from diverse countries and backgrounds, such as Poland, Turkey, UK, USA, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Peru and more.  


What is the aim?

Innovation Hub Podcast

Innovation Hub is aimed at providing high school students worldwide with the opportunity to publish their scientific research and work online, developing their passion for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The Innovation Hub Podcast is Innovation Hubs newest extension initiative created by Nicola Stanisławska, Maria Rutkowska and Julia Wojas. The podcast is aimed at making science more exiting, assesible and relevant to students worldwide through discussing different discoveries and novel technologies relevant to current world situations, through creating episodes interviewing scientists and specialist. Follow us on instagram on @innovationhub.podcast or on Spotify- Innovation Hub Podcastand stay tuned for upcoming episodes. 

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