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Warehouse Robots

Warehouses generally employ normal humans as workers for manufacturing and packaging but in Germany, the scenario is totally different. A robot is programmed in such a way that it puts the small and necessary electrical parts going on the conveyer at a really fast and impressive rate way which generally requires 5 person for this work and it’s a monotonous task on their schedule. It will not sound that sophisticated but is a great advancement in the terms of AI because it needs a lot of dexterity to perform such tasks and programming such a robot will need a lot of intelligence. If the humans were started to be replaced by robots in warehouses and factories, then humans will have to find some other work to do. Even the rate of this advancement is running low but at some point, there will robots working alongside humans and comparisons will be made on the efficiency and speed of the task done by robots. “It doesn’t smoke, is always in good health, isn’t chatting with its neighbours, no toilet breaks”, said Dirk Jandura (managing director of Obeta, German company known for wholesale trading of electrical parts) “it’s more efficient.” The world is evolving and so is the technology.


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