Wormholes- reality or theory?

By Vaani Goenka

As children, we’ve all dreamt of being a part of cartoon series and fantasy fairy tales where a circular hole in a wall could transport us anywhere, like a vent into a far-far away place. Like, Washington from Beijing. But here, we’re talking further away than that. We’re talking galaxies far away- galaxies we don’t even know exist!



Quark Gluon Plasma- the very high energy state of matter

By İdil Doğa Türkmen

In this study, the Quark-Gluon Plasma, which is the high-energy state of matter, that is a dense substance found at a high nuclear level and temperature, formed by the separation of hadrons into quarks and gluons, and the areas where it can be found and created are mentioned.



The three t's evaluation: temperature, thermal energy, thermodynamics

By Maria Rutkowska

Thermal Energy? Temperature? Particle Motion? Terms we hear on a daily basis in the science community, yet still have such deep meaning behind them. We would say that energy overall is the movement of particles; with the gain of kinetic energy they move faster and faster.


Is teleportation achievable?

By Nicola Stanisławska

Teleportation. A concept so abstract to us, humans, that our comprehension of it and its usage is limited to what we see in science fiction literature, film, and video games. But is it possible to transfer matter or energy from one point to another without travelling the physical space between them? If so, what are its limits and what will it look like?