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Hi, my name is Konstanty Janczarski, I go to high school in Warsaw and in my spare time, I like to take pictures of wildlife. For me, spending time in the woods, away from the bigger cities is very calming. When I go to the countryside during the school holidays, I often like to get up before dawn and go to the forest with my camera and telephoto lens. This allows me to discover the wild side of Poland and learn more about our beautiful nature, but also show other people a non-urban view of the world.

Ptak .jpeg

This beautifully feathered yellow-green bird is a Greenfinch. Its habitat is close to villages and human settlements, as this is where it is closest to food. It has a characteristic two-horned chirp which is most audible in March and April before the other species return in spring. In this photo, I have managed to beautifull capture it  on a branch in the morning light. I took the picture at the end of October on an agricultural field near Pultusk.


In this photo, I managed to capture a roe deer in mid-jump. The afternoon light beautifully highlights its contours. The roe deer was probably just jumping over a watercourse, as the area where I took this picture was very swampy. For this reason, I had difficult access to many places in this field, which required getting my shoes and jeans wet. However, for such a photo, it was all worth it. Roe deer are very interesting animals. There are more than 900 000 of them in Poland.  Their huge ears can pick up every whisper and when they hear something, they instantly inform their comrades by barking. The observation of these animals is entertaining and never gets boring.

Sarna W locie.jpeg
Gil siedzi.JPG

Unlike the earlier photos, this one I took in my city park, which is one of the most famous parks in Warsaw. After months of searching, I finally managed to find a Tawny owl there, actually a family of this species. These owls hide high up in the treetops but during the winter, when the leaves are gone, I managed to see this amazing bird. At night, when the park is closed, you can hear the hooting of these birds as you walk along the nearby streets.

Dzięciołek_Ostatni Moment.jpeg

Last but not least, this photo shows two doe coming out to feed in the evening.  In order to take this photo, I had to cross a very long stretch of woodland because I spotted these deer with binoculars. The grass at this point was very high, so unfortunately you can't see the little calves by the side of the mums.

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