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Hello from Estonia! My name is Kaur Nellis and my passion for photography lies in capturing the essence of nature. For now I have spent half a decade photographing mostly wildlife and landscapes. I have garnered many awards in Estonian nature photography competitions and also showcased my work on a global stage. While my heart beats for nature photography, my camera also immortalizes the vivid spectrum of human emotions, the vibrant scale of events, and the artistic challenges of commissioned projects. Stay connected and follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook: @kaur_nellis_photography


One enchanting spring morning, I ventured out with a mission: to capture the sunrise. I reached my chosen vantage point, releasing my drone into the sky to pick out the perfect composition. Everything was right – the drone was in the air, composition was set – when suddenly, as if summoned by magic, a gentle wisp of fog materialized from thin air. This unexpected phenomenon elevated the image, casting a resplendent golden light and infusing it with a radiance.

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I had just finished my little photo trip to the Silma Nature Reserve, a curious European pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) graced me with its presence. Fearlessly inquisitive, it ventured near to check the visitor beside its possession. Sitting upon a tree of unusually wonderful branches, this gallant little flier transformed the moment into something extraordinary. These very branches, bizarre and captivating, weave an unique charm that makes this photograph special in my eyes.


As spring began, I really wanted to photograph badgers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of them in the woods nearby, which made me disheartened, especially seeing stunning badger photos from other nature photographers. Thankfully, my father knew of a badger den in a nearby forest. After careful planning and waiting, I spotted this black and white animal disappearing into its burrow. Anxious if it would return, I patiently waited. Finally, after about half an hour, a cautious badger appeared, sniffing the air and It came close enough for me to capture this shot.

One morning, when I woke up, my family urged me, "Quick, look out the window!" Initially confused by morning's haze, I complied. What my eyes saw left me astounded—enchanting clouds covered the sky. Words struggle to convey the spectacle; it was as though billowy, velvety sheets had been suspended across the heavens. Swiftly, I took my camera and ran outside, determined to capture this unique moment. Without hesitation, I can say that this image ranks among my finest captures.


One morning, as I set out to capture roe deers, an unexpected surprise revealed itself—a cluster of mushrooms. I had only a telephoto lens, but I embraced the challenge, determined to capture the beauty of mushrooms. To my delight, the outcome surpassed all expectations. I really like this photo because of its vibrant hues and the captivating pre-sunrise ambiance it captures.

My dream was to capture the essence of an Ural owl in a portrait. Months we searched for ural owl with my dad. Then, fate intervened during a car ride to a friend's home—there, beside the road, was a desired Ural owl. We pulled over and I took my camera out. Slowly, we turned the car around and gently approached the owl. Astonishingly undisturbed, the owl granted me the privilege of photographing it for a span of 5 to 10 minutes. This is one of my most emotional and best moments in my photography career.


In late August, my family and I embarked on a trip to the remote island of Osmussaar. This island, once teeming with human activity, has now been reclaimed by nature, with only seasonal tourists as its visitors. Despite its near-deserted human presence, Osmussaar has diverse bird fauna. As we disembarked from the ship, we were greeted by an array of feathered inhabitants. I took my camera, eager to capture these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. Among them, the common ringed plovers (Charadrius hiaticula) proved to be the most brave, venturing close enough for me to enjoy nearly half an hour in their company. This encounter remains as a cherished memory.

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