The Scope of Neuroplasticity on Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Contrary to what was once popular belief, our daily experiences largely impact our neural network and brain structure, even through adulthood. Although our genes are responsible for a “first draft” of the brain, this is frequently revised and edited throughout our lives by the experiences we have. This brings us to the topic of neuroplasticity

Shreya Shiju- May 11, 2022

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Wormholes- Theory or Reality?

As children, we’ve all dreamt of being a part of cartoon series and fantasy fairy tales where a circular hole in a wall could transport us anywhere, like a vent into a far-far away place. Like, Washington from Beijing. But here, we’re talking further away than that. We’re talking galaxies far away- galaxies we don’t even know exist!

Vaani Goenka- April 27, 2022



Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is the third most prominent type of cancer in the United States and causes more death than any other type of cancer (Lung cancer statistics 2021). Smoking is a widely known issue for adults and is the main cause of lung cancer. An estimate of 80% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking cigarettes (Lung cancer causes: Lung cancer in Non-Smokers).

Kenley Herrington- December 18, 2021


Sustainable Packaging of Dairy Products

An insight into the environmental impact of the packaging of dairy products and potential ways in which environmental aspects and characteristics can be integrated into its design and development.

Ioanna Tzanavari- May 5, 2022



What does it sound like on Mars?

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like on Mars? For the past 50 years, space probes and rovers sent to the planet have captured countless of Mars but only heard the same consistent silence, similar to the sound of the vacuum of space. However, new sound measure devices installed on the NASA Perseverance Mars rover have recently succeeded in recording over 5 hours' worth of Martian winds for the first time ever.  

Maria Rutkowska- April 10, 2022



A study about the relationship between starch concentration provided to bacteria and their energy production in a Microbial Fuel Cell.

This research paper received a gold medal at the 1st World Applied Chemistry Olympiad. 

Microbial Fuel Cells produce electric energy from oxidation reactions done by microbes, including glucose oxidation. Although these are very effective and a renewable way of producing energy, it is still under research which ways can be used to maximize its production of energy. This investigation studies the relationship of starch concentration and energy production in a Microbial Fuel Cell by building a Microbial Fuel Cell and varying concentrations of starch used to feed the bacteria. 

Karla Delgado- December 24, 2021


Tuna's- Food Medicine

The research bellow won an Honorable Mention in the category of Theoretical Studies during the 2nd International Research Competition for Young Scientists (IRCYS)

An investigation into the numerous properties and applications of Opuntia ficus-indica, also known as tuna, in terms of food medicine, emphasising its mode of production, which requires little amounts of water and almost no use of chemical fertilisers.

Perla Marysol Peña Reséndiz- February 22, 2022



The Brain Plague

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease right after Alzheimer’s. Symptoms can be motor, for example, tremors and muscle rigidity, or non-motor, such as loss of smell or issues of the digestive tract. In most cases, non-motor symptoms are present even decades before onset motor symptoms.

Victoria Stanisławska- January 28, 2022



Different methods of vaccination throughout history

There is a new strain of Covid called the Omicron variant. Experts are not sure whether this mutation is more or less severe than the Delta strain. This led me to wonder what different methods people in the past used for their vaccines and to gain immunity. Vaccines have greatly evolved over time, eradicating many viral infections. For example, smallpox was a disease that killed 300,000,000 people by attacking their respiratory tract. Now, we don’t have to worry about this viral infection, thanks to vaccines. Today, let’s go through the different forms of immunity.

Laasya Ravi- Found Three - January 4, 2021


Environmental chemistry for everyone through the Microbial Fuel Cell

A research paper that won a silver medal at the 1st World Applied Chemistry Olympiad, investigating the functioning and advantages of the Microbial Fuel Cell.

Perla Marysol Peña Reséndiz- February 19, 2022



Do genetics play a role in increasing your chances of developing depression?

According to the World Health Organization, about 350 million people around the world are affected by depression. It plays a pivotal role in how people think, feel and act and can impact physical health and other aspects of life. But do genetics have a correlation with depression?

Diya Sandeep- January 24, 2022



The Uncanny Valley Phenomenon

With technological advancements introduced by science, we can observe improvements in avatar, animation, or even android projection. Even though animators seek to create the perfect image of a human, there is still something unreal about the characters. Either the eye colour or overall face structure.

Maria Rutkowska- December 24, 2021