Quark Gluon Plasma- the very high energy state of matter

In this study, the Quark-Gluon Plasma, which is the high-energy state of matter, that is a dense substance found at a high nuclear level and temperature, formed by the separation of hadrons into quarks and gluons, and the areas where it can be found and created are mentioned.

İdil Doğa Türkmen- December 12, 2021



All About Allergies

Recently, I had an allergic reaction and the experience made me want to learn more about allergies and answer all the questions I asked myself. Why do some of us have allergies and others don’t? What is the science behind them? And what are allergy tests?

Elizabeth M. - December 14, 2021



How does the lack of sleep affect your digestive system?

With the increasing workload at school and at work, people nowadays tend to stay up very late at night or even pull an all-nighter to finish up their tasks. Effects of the lack of sleep, such as decreasing the capacity to learn and retain information, and reducing productivity or accuracy in working are commonly known (Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, n.d.). However, although they range from mild to severe levels, the consequences that insufficient sleep results on our digestive system are much less widely acknowledged. So, how does the lack of sleep affect our digestive health?

Quynh Anh Nguyen- November 23, 2021


Marine Ecotourism- our saviour

Marine ecotourism is a thriving industry offering avariety of activities. Swimming with dolphins and whales, snorkeling with fish, and even viewing the beauty of the ocean from a mermaid’s perspective, are possible. Moreover, marine ecotourism can boost struggling economies and play a key role in increasing awareness about the importance of marine species for local livelihoods. Marine ecotourism facilitates the study of these vital environments by modern science, leading more effective protection against those threats. The economic benefits of marine ecotourism for local communities, the raising of knowledge about eco-friendliness, and the resultant reduction of dangers posed to marine species are really obvious. It goes without saying that governments should support this unique type of tourism in order to ensure that it continues to provide both economic and ecological benefits.


Ashley Huang- November 6, 2021



The Three T's Evaluation: temperature, thermal energy and thermodynamics

Thermal Energy, Temperature, Particle Motion - terms we hear on a daily basis in the science community, yet still have such deep meaning behind them. We would say that energy overall is the movement of particles; with the gain of kinetic energy they move faster and faster.

Maria Rutkowska- November 17, 2021


Is teleportation achievable?

Teleportation. A concept so abstract to us, humans, that our comprehension of it and its usage is limited to what we see in science fiction literature, film, and video games. But is it possible to transfer matter or energy from one point to another without travelling the physical space between them? If so, what are its limits and what will it look like?

Nicola Stanislawska- November 14, 2021



The Most Lethal Toxin

Have you ever heard of botox or seen a puffer fish? What do they have in common?

Victoria Stanislawska- November 1, 2021

Since the discovery of stem cells and their unique ability to develop into any type of cell necessary for any type of human function, many have dreamed of ways to use this ability in novel ways. From curing the uncurable like Parkinson disease or cancer, to developing non-invasive organ transplantation, this ability had to be harnessed. Yet, due to the heated debate between scientists on the ethical manner of extracting embryonic cells from an early-stage embryo, also known as blastocyst, this practice became controversial and restricted, and in some cases even illegal.

Nicola Stanislawska- November 1, 2021



New Warehouse Robot's

A new arising technology that will enable more efficient manufacturing and packaging using AI.

November 24, 2021



When will 3d bioprinted organs become commonly accessible?

First developed in the 1980s, the 3d printing technology has harnessed as the ability to produce a wide range of objects, ranging from architectural scale models to toys and stationery. Ever since, scientists believe that future of 3d printing lies not in simple plastic designs and models, but rather in an extremely broad range of studies, sparking the hope for the harnessing of its pioneer abilities in the field of biology.

Nicola Stanislawska - November 1, 2021



Are the causes of obesity more mental or physical?

Cosmetic concern or complex disease, the obesity epidemic has struck the modern world and is continuing to cause struggles for those who are victim to it. From its staggering triplication worldwide since 1975, many ask themselves if obesity is simply a result of an excessive intake in calories and lacking physical activity or whether it is more complicated and lies beneath its previously considered causes and is a result of one’s mental struggles and psychological disorders. The aim of this essay is to review the causes of the disease and reach a conclusion to what causes obesity.

Nicola Stanislawska- November 1, 2021


Why does biological ageing occur?

Why do we age? Biological ageing is when your cells start to decline with their abilities to provide the best for your body – your body becomes weaker. In my opinion there are 3 main factors that link to why biological ageing occurs. For instance, the UV light produced through sun rays, has an impact on our skin. It can be one of the reasons for premature, biological ageing. As well as, how many hours of sleep or physical exercise you get depend on your ageing process. All of these cause changes in your DNA, linking to biological ageing. In this essay, I will be discussing why biological ageing occurs and what are its factors behind it.

Maria Rutkowska- November 2, 2021



Induced Stem Cells- the how's and what's