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How do I become an author?

Interested in becoming an author for an international science magazine? Follow the steps below:

Becoming an author

Being an author for Innovation Hub bears various benefits such as being part of an international science community of young, likeminded individuals, exploring your passion for science communication or writing. In order to become an author, you must submit an article to us.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines below in order for your article to be acceptance and for you to be featured on our website as an author.

Article Submission

How do I submit my article?

To publish your article, send it to We should get back to you within 1-3 days!

What should my article include?

Make sure to reach these criteria in your article:

  • Include a bibliography including cited sources in APA or Harvard format

  • Include a picture that can be published with your article and its source

  • Write in clear and concise academic english

What else should I provide?

In order for us to feature you as an author in the "Contributors & About" tab, please provide us with the following:

  • A short description of yourself (your interests, where you are from, what your article/ research is about)

  • (optionally) a headshot (picture) of yourself

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