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Hi, I’m Ada. My main interests are various fields of art like music, graphics, and photography, I love bringing ideas to life. In school I major in biology, Recently, supported by my teacher, I started to combine these two passions. I’m using the processes I learn about in biology class as an inspiration for creative work. It gives me an opportunity to show nature and microorganisms in the way I perceive them. In the photographs below you can see a composition of two connected to each other images, one taken from the outside, the other from the inside. This is my first series in this new project, but I’m sure I’m going to continue it with great passion.

Remove background project-1.png

Every work consists of two images, a black-and-white photo I took during a biology class trip and some images from under the microscope. Here I prepared a sample of collenchyma tissue, taken from a plan I found.

Remove background project-2.png

In this photo you can see a shrub with flowers of a great texture called European Smoketree. The sample is a dyed parenchyma tissue.

Remove background project-3.png
Remove background project-4.png

Here the background are thin shoots of a plant from the grass family. On the second picture you can see stomata – an epidermal structure responsible for gas exchange between the plant and the environment. Seeing this microscopic form on sample I just created was a very satisfying feeling.

This image is a bit different. On the background in which my teacher rests her hand on a bark of a tree, you can see something resembling planets. This image was taken while changing the samples, and by mistake it turned out really interesting. 

Remove background project-5.png
Remove background project-6_edited.jpg

Here, during photoshop work, I noticed that the image of a cross-section of the stem had a similar shape to this leaf. I loved this subtle detail and idea of playing with the shape.

In this black and white photo my teacher is pointing out something on the trees. I captured this moment and completed it with a subcutaneous section of a leaf petiole

Remove background project-7.png

My most colorful work is a combination of a sample I dyed using safranin and another biology trip photo. In this moment, my teacher is holding up a poaceae shoot and the students are learning about it’s root system.

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